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Finally Tex gets on the board with his first HR of the year.  And it was no cheapy.  An opposite field shot at the dome in Tor.

Sosa followed that up with #595 and a blast of his own.


New Look Lineup

I am anxious to see how the new look to the lineup does tonight.  Wash has moved Cat down in the order and basically pushed everyone else up one.  So tonight we have the following:

Cat – out of his normal 2 hole

Hopefully it will help to shake things up.

Rangers Fall again but Sammy Sets Record

The Rangers dropped 2 to Cle over the past few days.  The first game went to free baseball (extra innings for those not in the know).  Early on it wasn’t looking good as we got down early but made a strong comeback.  Padilla didn’t pitch great nor bad but we got down 6-0 with the help of some not so great defense.  However the Rangers have no quit in them and I think a lot of that is due to the new skipper.  His positive attitude has really rubbed off and the Rangers came storming back.  Down 6-0 we scored 5 in the 6th and were litterly inches away from it being a tie game.  Sammy missed a HR, not to mention a MLB Record for HRs in the most ballparks, by an inch at most.  It was good to see Sammy still swinging the bat well.  Even though we didn’t tie it there and fell down 7-5 after 7, the Rangers grinded it out and pushed it to free baseball tied 7-7.  Eyre came in to pitch the 11th and even after a leadoff hit by V. Martinez he tried to wiggle his way out of it.   A big K of Michaels put it with 1 out and the double play in order with runners on the corners.  I thought Eyre would get out of the inning and let us go to the 12th with some momentum perhaps but it wasn’t meant to be as Peralta singled to left to end the game.  We didn’t win nor did we really play well early on but we came back strong and got some big hits when we needed it which is a good sign for things to come.

A lot of people were calling for rain on day 2.  They got the game off without much of an issue.  An 11am local start time was a welcome sight.  There is somethign about baseball during the day that I love.  Maybe we should have all done a rain dance because we didn’t play well.  We got behind early again as Kam Loe couldn’t duplicate his last outing.  I am still excited to see him in the rotation and hope he stays there.  The big highlight of this was the HR by Slammin Sammy Sosa that set the record for HRs hit in most ballparks at 44.  He didn’t stop there either as he went on to hit another.  We couldn’t really put up much else than that and dropped this one 9-4.

Today is a new day though and a chance to prove themselves again.  We go into Tor on a small slide but hopefully being out of the weather elements will put them at ease and we will put up some big numbers.  Tor is not to be taken lightly though as they have a very solid team from top to bottom.  I hope everyone will be watching even if its between timeouts of the Mavs game.

Till Next Time

Rangers Struggling

It was good to see Hank Blalock get a big hit late in a game against a top closer.  I just happened to be at this game and it was electric.  Its too bad the Rangers as a team don’t seem to be hitting in these spots.  Hopefully this will be a turnaround.  Not only did Blalock get a big bases loaded hit to put the Rangers up in the bottom of the 8th but Tex and Sammy both worked great walks to put Blalock in that position.  Its a team effort day in and day out but someone has to come through when it matters.  Young is still under .200 and Tex isn’t far above.  Neither are really hitting yet and its not just these two.  Laird is under .100 and Sosa right around .200.  Its a good thing Kinsler has had a hot bat or we may be further behind than we are at the moment.  I know at the end of the year these guys will have their typical numbers but what I am worried about is a trend that seems to be happening.  In a typical 3 or 4 game series it seems our bats are only awake for 1 of those.  We put up great offensive numbers for the year but its when those runs come that worry me.  We can’ score 15 runs in a 3 game series with 10+ coming in 1 game and hope to take the series.  We need to be more consistent at the plate.  Sure you are going to come up against hot pitchers as that is part of the game.  But EVERY series? 

Tonight is Rick Vaughn glasses giveaway in Cle.  Its an interesting giveaway and unfortunately its the Rangers playing like the Indians from Major League.  An error early on allowed several unearned runs to score and we are quickly in a 5-0 hole.  The good thing is there is a lot of baseball left so we have time to grind away at the lead.

First Road Trip

I am planning my first road trip of the year.  I just bought a plane ticket to St. Louis for the end of June.  Southwest was running a great special that I couldn’t pass up.  I plan on hitting up a sunday afternoon game when the Cards play the Phils in late June.  I am excited as I have never been to St. Louis.

Opening Day

It was a great monday.  Not because the Rangers played well but because baseball is back.  Opening day is always a good day.  Every fan has optimism and hope for the new season.  I took to watching a lot of baseball that day and caught some pretty good games.

First off I caught a little bit of the Rays/Yanks game.  The Rays didn’t start off too well but looked to make a nice comeback later in the game only to give up the lead late in typical Rays fashion.  The main game I watched to begin was the Braves/Phils.  I grew up with TBS so I am a Braves fan as well.  It looks like it might be a good year for them with their new rebuilt pen.  They got some power production out of Renteria and powered their way past the Phils.  The pen was as advertised and shut down the Phils in the late innings.

Next I took in some of the Royals/RedSox game.  Schilling didn’t look great that day and the Royals rolled 7-1.  I was anxious to see the debut of Alex Gordon.  I got to see Gordon play a little at Nebraska and I think he is going to be a star one day soon in the big leagues.  His debut didn’t go as hoped.  His first AB was with the bases loaded but he went down looking.  He is one to watch in the near future and he will be a top player at 3B for years to come.

The early evening game turned out to be the Stros/Pirates in Houston.  Roy Oswalt has been a favorite pitcher of mine for some time.  He once again pitched supurb and had a chance at the win late.  There wasn’t much offense in this game till late.  Oswalt left in the 8th and turned it over to his pen.  This is where the game got ugly for the Astros.  Brad Lidge came in with a 2-1 lead in the 9th to close it out and promptly gave up a HR to tie the game.  He just hasn’t been the same after that playoff HR he gave up to Pujols.  The Pirates continued their scoring taking the game in teh 10th with another HR.  Jason Bay took Chad Qualls deep with 1 on in the 10th and the Pirates went on to win 4-2 in 10.

The game I had been looking forward to all day came at night. That would be the Rangers/Angels.  Millwood looked ok but the offense couldn’t come through with runners in scoring position.  Kinsler hit a rocket over the fence for the only run for the Rangers and Vlad continued to rough up the Rangers.


I am looking to turn my journey into a documentary.  Right now I am studying as much as I can on the subject and trying to see if this will be feesable.  I feel something more than just a blog and a few photos are needed for such an undertaking.  I am in talks with a few people who might be willing to fund the documentary portion and if this works out the journey may be postponed till 2008 to work out details and train me a little in film.  I am very excited about the prospect.  I would love to take a few weeks in 2007 and maybe follow a team for a week or two and get some perspective on the whole documentary idea.  I will keep you posted on what comes up.