Rangers Struggling

It was good to see Hank Blalock get a big hit late in a game against a top closer.  I just happened to be at this game and it was electric.  Its too bad the Rangers as a team don’t seem to be hitting in these spots.  Hopefully this will be a turnaround.  Not only did Blalock get a big bases loaded hit to put the Rangers up in the bottom of the 8th but Tex and Sammy both worked great walks to put Blalock in that position.  Its a team effort day in and day out but someone has to come through when it matters.  Young is still under .200 and Tex isn’t far above.  Neither are really hitting yet and its not just these two.  Laird is under .100 and Sosa right around .200.  Its a good thing Kinsler has had a hot bat or we may be further behind than we are at the moment.  I know at the end of the year these guys will have their typical numbers but what I am worried about is a trend that seems to be happening.  In a typical 3 or 4 game series it seems our bats are only awake for 1 of those.  We put up great offensive numbers for the year but its when those runs come that worry me.  We can’ score 15 runs in a 3 game series with 10+ coming in 1 game and hope to take the series.  We need to be more consistent at the plate.  Sure you are going to come up against hot pitchers as that is part of the game.  But EVERY series? 

Tonight is Rick Vaughn glasses giveaway in Cle.  Its an interesting giveaway and unfortunately its the Rangers playing like the Indians from Major League.  An error early on allowed several unearned runs to score and we are quickly in a 5-0 hole.  The good thing is there is a lot of baseball left so we have time to grind away at the lead.



  1. Micah

    It was good to see the boys bounce back last night. The sixth inning was terrific. I was a little worried after that second inning, but I just remind myself that the game is nine innings long, and if one team can post five runs in an inning, so can the other one. And we did. I hope the bats can stay alive. We’re going to need them in Toronto and then again in Arlington vs. the Yankees.

    Have fun in St. Louis this summer. I need to make a trip down there and see the new ballpark. I try and visit a few new ballparks each year. This year, I’m going to Anaheim (for the Rangers/Angels series in July) and probably Milwaukee. I’m also going to KC and Minnesota, but I’ve seen both of those so those aren’t new.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. 🙂 I’ll be keeping up with yours too.


  2. eric

    Anaheim looks like a great stadium. I am looking forward to St. Louis. A few friends and I are planning a trip to KC too sometime this summer. I have never been there for a game and its one of the few we can drive too from here.

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