Opening Day

It was a great monday.  Not because the Rangers played well but because baseball is back.  Opening day is always a good day.  Every fan has optimism and hope for the new season.  I took to watching a lot of baseball that day and caught some pretty good games.

First off I caught a little bit of the Rays/Yanks game.  The Rays didn’t start off too well but looked to make a nice comeback later in the game only to give up the lead late in typical Rays fashion.  The main game I watched to begin was the Braves/Phils.  I grew up with TBS so I am a Braves fan as well.  It looks like it might be a good year for them with their new rebuilt pen.  They got some power production out of Renteria and powered their way past the Phils.  The pen was as advertised and shut down the Phils in the late innings.

Next I took in some of the Royals/RedSox game.  Schilling didn’t look great that day and the Royals rolled 7-1.  I was anxious to see the debut of Alex Gordon.  I got to see Gordon play a little at Nebraska and I think he is going to be a star one day soon in the big leagues.  His debut didn’t go as hoped.  His first AB was with the bases loaded but he went down looking.  He is one to watch in the near future and he will be a top player at 3B for years to come.

The early evening game turned out to be the Stros/Pirates in Houston.  Roy Oswalt has been a favorite pitcher of mine for some time.  He once again pitched supurb and had a chance at the win late.  There wasn’t much offense in this game till late.  Oswalt left in the 8th and turned it over to his pen.  This is where the game got ugly for the Astros.  Brad Lidge came in with a 2-1 lead in the 9th to close it out and promptly gave up a HR to tie the game.  He just hasn’t been the same after that playoff HR he gave up to Pujols.  The Pirates continued their scoring taking the game in teh 10th with another HR.  Jason Bay took Chad Qualls deep with 1 on in the 10th and the Pirates went on to win 4-2 in 10.

The game I had been looking forward to all day came at night. That would be the Rangers/Angels.  Millwood looked ok but the offense couldn’t come through with runners in scoring position.  Kinsler hit a rocket over the fence for the only run for the Rangers and Vlad continued to rough up the Rangers.


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