Tonight we saw a game for the ages.  Two teams of kids battled it out and turned in great performances.  Despite the winner of the game, you have to appreciate the efforts these kids put forth today.  We saw some talented young kids on both teams from two different upbringings.  You saw a lot of respect and a great finish.  Its the love of the game that has carried these kids this far and you have to enjoy watching that.  The tears of joy and pain from winning and losing is something that you have to respect.  These kids put their heart into this season, this game.  This is what the game is all about.  Sometimes we forget that its just a kids game and we need to be reminded of that from time to time.  Its not about the salaries or ticket prices that we play the game but the love of the game.  It is sad that sometimes this gets lost in the commercialization of the game.  These kids and millions just like them all over the world play this game because the love it, not because they are in a contract year and want to make the big bucks.  I know my playing days are over but as long as I can see kids like this give it their all on the field and be able to shake the hands of the opposing team afterwards, I know this game will survive.  Its a great game and despite all the problems we have seen over the past few decades, we can’t kill it.

Here’s to both Champions that played today in the LLWS.


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