Boston Masacre & Texas on a Roll

Boston/New York

I really was deflated this weekend watching the Sox colapse like a cheap lawn chair under the weight of so a sumo wrestler.  I have always rooted against the yankees but became a Sox fan after visiting Fenway a few years back.  The passion they have toward their team is something I admire and wish it was the same here in Dallas with the Rangers.  It was evident over the weekend that the Sox front office did not do enough over the trading period to make their team a title contender.  Its almost like they have the attitude that now that they have won a ring they can be mediocre for another 85 years.  I really hope that’s not the case and of course it will be hard to compete with the yankees as long as they are allowed to spend 200 million on players.  That however, is a different post for a different day.  Its a sad day in Red Sox Nation after a 5 game sweep.  It will definately be an uphill battle from here on out.  They have 4 left with the yankees but they have to make up some ground before then.

Rangers Rolling
After seeing Det come in and handle Texas with no problems to begin the season and then see Det go on and be the first team to 80 wins, I was not happy about us going to Det.  I was worried but was very happy to see how we played.  We came away with a series win against possibly the best team in baseball.  Not only did we win the series we got some good pitching performances.  Winning in different ways is very exciting.  From a 2-1 pitching duel to a 7-6 comeback win, its good to know you have that in you.  They are on a roll and we can only hope it continues.  The bad thing about it is as we are rolling against the cream of the crop, Oak is picking up wins against Seattle and KC.  I think we will need some help somewhere along the way but we have to keep grinding out the wins and let the other things take care of themselves.  We can only control what the Rangers do and if we take care of business I think come Oct we will be playing in the playoffs.  Its going to be an exciting 6 weeks though.  This is what baseball is all about.

Till next time,


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