Trip to Denver/Coors Field

Over the past weekend I took the trip up to Denver.  There were a few reasons the trip took place.  First of all, I recently moved from Denver to Dallas but most of my stuff was still in storage in Denver.  So I headed back up there to get the rest of my gear.  Secondly my friend who went with me needed a vacation.  So while we were moving we mixed in some site seeing and a ballgame.

We left out early Thursday morning after Paul got off work.  The drive through Texas (left from Dallas) wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  It was the first time I had driven this way as I usually go up through Oklahoma and through Kansas.  We had planned on stopping for lunch in Amarillo to eat at the Big Texan.  If you are not familiar with it, it is the home of the free 72 oz. steak.  If you can eat it, its free.  We decided not to take them up on the challenge but had a very good steak for lunch.  I was curious how many people try it thinking maybe a handful a month.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Our waiter informed us it is tried almost daily.  If you do not finish the steak, it will cost you $72.  The one thing I forgot to ask was how many actually finish it.
So after filling up on some great Texas beef, we headed out for New Mexico and then finally Colorado.  The drive turned out to be a good one.  We ran into some bad weather as we crossed into New Mexico but it was short lived.

We arrived in Cripple Creek late Thursday night.  Cripple Creek is just west of Colorado Springs.  After a little gambling the night before we headed out to find Paul’s parents land.  The own a small piece of land in Cripple Creek Estates.  As we winded up the mountain to find the land we came across some great scenery. Not to mention the donkeys that roam around cripple creek freely (and I am not talking about their poker players).  Paul was really enjoying the scenery as we left Cripple Creek and headed up to Denver.  Our plans were to play some poker in Blackhawk Friday night and then catch a game Saturday.

After having a good run at the poker table the night before, we headed out to load the Uhaul before the game.  This didn’t really take a long time since I had gotten rid of most of my stuff before putting it in storage. 
We headed to the 6pm game between teh Rockies and Padres.  I have been to Coors several times before when I lived in town.  Paul had never been there before and really enjoyed it.  We got to see a pitching matchup between Chris Young of the Padres and Jeff Francis of the Rockies.  It turned out to be more of a pitchers duel.  There were a few good plays.  Khalil Greene had another great game.  A slashing double in the right centerfield gap follwed later by a blast over the 415 sign in center put Greene as the player of the game.  There wasn’t a lot of offense with the Padres winning 4-2.  I was rooting for the Rockies but glad to see Greene have a good game.  I am a big fan of his along with Adrian Gonzalez.  But the most exciting thing was getting to see Trevor Hoffman close it out.  It was my first time seeing the Padres and I was glad I got to see Hoffman pitch.  The stadium itself is a place of beauty.  One of the nice things about the stadium is that as you move along the concourse you don’t lose site of the game.  Mix in a view of the rockies out over left field and you have a great ballpark.  The only complaint I had was the parking.  I had never had to park before since when I lived there you could take the light rail which drops you off a few blocks away.  The price to park want’ too bad at $8.  The walk however was horrendous.  We were almost out of site of the park where we parked due to showing up right around game time.  They did have shuttle busses running and we were able to catch one on the way to the game which saved a lot of walking.  After the game was a different story.  The line wating for what seemed like only 1 shuttle was awfull so we decided to walk.  This turned into what seemed like a 2 mile hike.  All in all the game was great.  The atmosphere was great and I look forward to going back again.

If you are ever in town, take in a game and enjoy the Rockies.
Till Next Time,


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